Home Improvements – Installing A Suspended Ceiling

A suspended ceiling is usually installed in basements; and is lightweight, practical and easy to install. It allows access to pipes, wiring and ductwork for future servicing.

A grid system is hung from ceiling joists or the existing ceiling. The grid pieces include wall angles, main tees and cross tees.

Decide on the height of ceiling below all ducts and other overhead obstructions keeping above the highest door and window frames.

Snap a level chalk line on the walls at this height. Starting at one corner and working around the room fasten the wall angles by aligning the lower edge on the chalk line and nailing through the wallboard into the wall studs. At outside corners, cut out a portion of the upper part of each angle, then position one angle overlapping the other. For an inside corner simply lap one corner over the other.

Main tees are set in place on the wall angles. Mark their locations on the walls and attach screw eyes to ceiling joists to support the wire hangers. To determine hanger length, temporarily clamp a main tee section on top of the wall angles at opposite sides of the room. Tie a string tautly between the hanger holes. Insert hanger wires in the screw eyes and bend them directly underneath the string.

Where main tees will run parallel but not directly beneath joists, nail 1 inch X 3 inch lumber bridges across the joists and insert screw eyes into them. Then determine hanger wire length as above.

Rest one end of each main tee on a wall angle and attach the other end to a wire hanger then attach intermediate hangers. Hang all main tees across the room splicing as necessary.

Cut the cross tees to length (if that is necessary) to fit the borders of the ceiling grid. Place cut ends on the wall angles and snap the other ends into the main tee slots. Working across the room, snap all cross tees in place.

With the entire grid work in place, slip the ceiling panels up through the openings and lay them on the flanges of the angles and tees.

This will give you a pretty good idea of what’s involved with the installation of a suspended ceiling system. Most home improvement centres will be able to provide you with installation instructions and diagrams for a grid system suspended ceiling.

Home Improvement Loans – Borrowing To Invest In Your Home

Most people consider it an advantage to be without debt. This is a conservative and very sensible policy to have. However, all the evidence shows that in the current financial environment people are more willing to borrow and get into debt than ever before. Debt levels have continued to grow over recent years and now stand at historically high levels. So the question that comes to mind is what is everyone spending their money on?

Loan Terms

The basic rule of borrowing is you match the loan with an appropriate purpose so that short term loans are spent on short term expenses, but long term loans are not. This makes sense as who wants to paying off a loan they spend on a two week loan for the next fifteen years. However, a house that you are going to grow old in is something that you should be more willing to give a long-term commitment to.

Secured Home Improvement Loans

Therefore, if you are thinking of taking out a home improvement loan, it may be of comfort to know that this is an expense that it is appropriate to secure against your home. Securing a loan against your home will mean that you can borrow far more than if the loan were unsecured, and also that the interest rates will be lower. Secured loans are among the best value and most attractive loans available on the market, especially for long terms and large amounts.

It’s an Investment!

Just how many programs are aired on TV trying to get the nation to either improve their current home or sell the current home, move into some run down building site and renovate? With all the advice from these shows and the record profits of major DIY centres across the country show that we are always trying to make a better home for ourselves and emulate the ‘professionals’ that we watch every day on TV.

All for good reason though as another benefit of borrowing to carry out home improvements is that you will effectively will be investing the money. Home improvements can significantly increase the value of your home and in turn allow you to borrow even more money. If you are thinking of selling your home at some point in the near future than most likely, it will be money well spent as it will make your home easier to sell and could well fetch you a higher price.

Financial Benefit

But even if you are not selling your home, simply knowing that your home is worth more is a real financial benefit. It is something that can be borrowed against at any time and will increase in its value as the housing market increases. And it is one of the best types of investment you can make because you will be living in it, and enjoying it every day. Spending money on your home will keep the value stored up and will also allow you the extra utility of using it. This is one of the best reasons currently to borrow money. Just make sure you have a good contractor or builder.

Popular Home Improvements

Many home owners have been showing so much interest in improving their homes in the last few years. Most of them have already executed varying improvement projects for their homes and have been appreciating the results of this fruitful undertaking. Home improvement not only helps in raising the value of a home but also brings out a better and more attractive look for the home. This makes the owners feel more comfortable and confident with the place.

There are varying home improvement ideas that are available and ready for execution. The size and design of your house matters a lot and this can actually hinder you from applying some of the ideas. Within those varying ideas, there are a number of them that can be applied in most homes because of their usefulness and ease of design. They are the popular home improvements. The list below shows those improvements and can be used as a guide for choosing the best home improvements to go with.

1. Upgrading bathrooms and kitchens

With the increasing rise in technology, many bathroom and kitchen appliances are continuously being developed. Some of the appliances are oh so useful and economical. This makes them require a certain setup that cannot be accommodated by the old school room designs. This raises the need for a makeover on those places. New and highly attractive bathroom and kitchen designs that raise the value of a home are also coming up at a high rate, and this is making many home owners opt to go with those designs as they are truly elegant.

2. Using boilers

Boilers are highly valued assets that are continuously gaining fame and use because of the benefits they bring to home owners. Acquiring and installing them requires a good sum of money and this forces the value of a home to rise immediately after a boiler is installed. Apart from new installations, people are also replacing their old boilers with new ones that are more expensive and coming from reputable companies.

3. Double glazing

Many homeowners have been replacing their old windows with the double glazed ones due to a number of reasons. Double glazed windows are good at reducing noise and heat transfer. They are also important in improving home security as well as enhancing its value. This makes double glazing an important feature for homes and has thus been gaining a great acceptance and application by the people.

4. Home garden makeover

A home garden is an important part of the home’s face. Having a decent garden helps in creating a better image of the home and in turn raises its value. The home also becomes more attractive and this is something that every home owner wants. Being an easier and more economical way of improving the overall homestead, garden makeover is a very useful step and has thus been considered to be part of the popular home improvements that have been trending.


Home improvement is, in most cases, appearing to be an economical project that is better than launching new building projects from scratch. With a good budget, improving your home remains easy and timely enough. All the home improvements above are easy projects that can help in taking your home a level higher.